Friday, August 20, 2010

Laments to an Excitment Unknown

(Written on or around 2/16/2010, title in working progress...)

The coyote’s yelping call
startles me awake
in the silence surrounding
my four-wheeled bed.

Have they been lost and
now are found by their
kinship within the moonlit
woods, joyous in their reunion?

Are they celebrating
as the full moon ascends
to watch a coyote folk dance
in the middle of the night?

Are they rejoicing in
the glorious hunt that
for some small, mammalian
prey, ended in defeat?

Are they warning that
a larger foe, perhaps
a wolf or a bear,
is nearby threatening?

The moon should tell for
what I am to be awakened.
What the coyotes sing
I will sing too.

Eric C. Schulz

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