Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello everyone! As an effort to discover and revise my writing style and to encourage myself to consider a career in writing, I have started this blog to discuss what muses and ramblings come to mind. Starting a blog was not an easy decision because it meant that my thoughts would become public for all of you to read and discuss. I do not share many of my opinions and ideas very openly because it is often very difficult for me to organize them into an understandable, coherent discussion (I have been reffered to as random on more than 100+ occasions).  Therefore, I have resolved to write about my ideas and inspirations because writing has always come easier to me than conversing. The majority of what I have decided to write about in "The Raod Goes Ever On and On" deals in the subjects of nature, travel, Wisconsin, the outdoors, writing, poetry, books, and the merriment and miseries that define my life.

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